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#622 Golett

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Golett sprite
Golett backsprite
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Shiny Golett sprite
Shiny Golett backsprite

Gender Ratio

Gender pie chart

Golett - Automaton Pokémon

Flavor Text
BlackThe energy that burns inside it enables it to move, but no one has yet been able to identify this energy.
WhiteThese Pokémon are thought to have been created by the science of an ancient and mysterious civilization.

Type:   GroundGhost
Resistance to Moves:
Attacking Type: Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark
Damage Received: ×0



-- Level 43 -->


Iron Fist Boosts the power of punching moves.
Klutz The Pokémon can't use any held items.
No Guard
Ensures attacks by or against the Pokémon land.


bw male trainer height

Male Trainer: 4'11"

bw Golett height

Golett: 3'3"


bw Golett wdight
bw female trainer weight

Golett: 202 lbs.   Female Trainer: 88 lbs.

Catching/ Experience Data

Items Catch Rate Run Chance Experience Won Experience Rate Total Experience
None 190 0 61 Medium Fast 1,000,000


Level Name Power Accuracy Effect
Type Category Power Points Description
1 Pound 40 100 Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
Normal Physical 35 The target is physically pounded with a long tail or a foreleg, etc.
1 Astonish 30 100 Has a 0% chance to make the target flinch.
Ghost Physical 15 The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. It may also make the target flinch.
1 Defense Curl 0 -- Raises user's Defense by one stage.
Normal Other 40 The user curls up to conceal weak spots and raise its Defense stat.
5 Mud-Slap 20 100 Has a 0% chance to lower the target's accuracy by one stage.
Ground Special 10 The user hurls mud in the target's face to inflict damage and lower its accuracy.
9 Rollout 30 90 Power doubles every turn this move is used in succession after the first, resetting after five turns.
Rock Physical 20 The user continually rolls into the target over five turns. It becomes stronger each time it hits.
13 Shadow Punch 60 -- Never misses.
Ghost Physical 20 The user throws a punch from the shadows. The punch lands without fail.
17 Iron Defense 0 -- Raises the user's Defense by two stages.
Steel Other 15 The user hardens its body's surface like iron, sharply raising its Defense stat.
21 Mega Punch 80 85 Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
Normal Physical 20 The target is slugged by a punch thrown with muscle-packed power.
25 Magnitude 1 100 Power varies randomly from 10 to 150.
Ground Physical 30 The user looses a ground-shaking quake affecting everyone around the user. Its power varies.
30 DynamicPunch 100 50 Has a 100% chance to confuse the target.
Fighting Physical 5 The user punches the target with full, concentrated power. It confuses the target if it hits.
35 Night Shade 1 100 Inflicts damage equal to the user's level.
Ghost Special 15 The user makes the target see a frightening mirage. It inflicts damage matching the user's level.
40 Curse 0 -- Ghosts pay half their max HP to hurt the target every turn. Others decrease Speed but raise Attack and Defense.
Ghost Other 10 A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all other types.
45 Earthquake 100 100 Inflicts regular damage and can hit Dig users.
Ground Physical 10 The user sets off an earthquake that strikes those around it.
50 Hammer Arm 100 90 Lowers user's Speed by one stage.
Fighting Physical 10 The user swings and hits with its strong and heavy fist. It lowers the user's Speed, however.
55 Focus Punch 150 100 If the user takes damage before attacking, the attack is canceled.
Fighting Physical 20 The user focuses its mind before launching a punch. It will fail if the user is hit before it is used.
Hit Points (HP) Attack (ATK) Defense (DEF) Speed (SPD) Special Attack (SPATK) Special Defense (SPDEF)
EV Gain +0 +1 +0 +0 +0 +0
Base 59 74 50 35 35 50
Hit Points (HP) Attack (ATK) Defense (DEF) Speed (SPD) Special Attack (SPATK) Special Defense (SPDEF)
423649 331649 500649 565649 594649 504649