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#131 Lapras

Lapras ken sugimori artwork Normal SpritesNormal Backsprites
Lapras sprite
Lapras backsprite
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Shiny Lapras sprite
Shiny Lapras backsprite

Gender Ratio

Gender pie chart

Lapras - Transport Pokémon

Flavor Text
Heart GoldThey have gentle hearts. Because they rarely fight, many have been caught. Their number has dwindled.
Soul SilverIt ferries people across the sea on its back. It may sing an enchanting cry if it is in a good mood.

Type:   WaterIce
Resistance to Moves:
Attacking Type: Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark
Damage Received: ×1




Water Absorb Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Shell Armor The Pokémon is protected against critical hits.


hgss male trainer height

Male Trainer: 4'11"

hgss Lapras height

Lapras: 8'2"


hgss Lapras wdight
hgss female trainer weight

Lapras: 484 lbs.   Female Trainer: 88 lbs.

Catching/ Experience Data

Items Catch Rate Run Chance Experience Won Experience Rate Total Experience
None 45 60 219 Slow 1,250,000


Level Name Power Accuracy Effect
Type Category Power Points Description
1 Sing 0 55 Puts the target to sleep.
Normal Other 15 A soothing lullaby is sung in a calming voice that puts the target into a deep slumber.
1 Growl 0 100 Lowers the target's Attack by one stage.
Normal Other 40 The user growls in an endearing way, making the opposing team less wary. The foes' Attack stats are lowered.
1 Water Gun 40 100 Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
Water Special 25 The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.
4 Mist 0 0 Protects the user's stats from being changed by enemy moves.
Ice Other 30 The user cloaks its body with a white mist that prevents any of its stats from being cut for five turns.
7 Confuse Ray 0 100 Confuses the target.
Ghost Other 10 The target is exposed to a sinister ray that triggers confusion.
10 Ice Shard 40 100 Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
Ice Physical 30 The user flash freezes chunks of ice and hurls them at the target. This move always goes first.
14 Water Pulse 60 100 Has a 20% chance to confuse the target.
Water Special 20 The user attacks the target with a pulsing blast of water. It may also confuse the target.
18 Body Slam 85 100 Has a 30% chance to paralyze the target.
Normal Physical 15 The user drops onto the target with its full body weight. It may also leave the target with paralysis.
22 Rain Dance 0 0 Changes the weather to rain for five turns.
Water Other 5 The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns, powering up Water-type moves.
27 Perish Song 0 0 User and target both faint after three turns.
Normal Other 5 Any Pokémon that hears this song faints in three turns, unless it switches out of battle.
32 Ice Beam 95 100 Has a 10% chance to freeze the target.
Ice Special 10 The target is struck with an icy-cold beam of energy. It may also freeze the target solid.
37 Brine 65 100 Has double power against Pokémon that have less than half their max HP remaining.
Water Special 10 If the target's HP is down to about half, this attack will hit with double the power.
43 Safeguard 0 0 Protects the user's field from major status ailments and confusion for five turns.
Normal Other 25 The user creates a protective field that prevents status problems for five turns.
49 Hydro Pump 120 80 Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
Water Special 5 The target is blasted by a huge volume of water launched under great pressure.
55 Sheer Cold 1 30 Causes a one-hit KO.
Ice Special 5 The target is attacked with a blast of absolute-zero cold. The target instantly faints if it hits.
Hit Points (HP) Attack (ATK) Defense (DEF) Speed (SPD) Special Attack (SPATK) Special Defense (SPDEF)
EV Gain +2 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Base 130 85 80 60 85 95
Hit Points (HP) Attack (ATK) Defense (DEF) Speed (SPD) Special Attack (SPATK) Special Defense (SPDEF)
14493 170493 165493 285493 145493 88493