Pokémon Black and White Version

Pokémon Black and White versions introduce Generation V. The new generation of Pokémon gaming is not too different from the previous generation of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Platinum, and Diamond and Pearl. As a Pokémon trainer, you are trying to fill up your Pokédex and beat all the gyms in the region. You also have to fight an organization, Team Plasma, whose intentions are not all great.

Black and White use a similar 3D engine to Generation IV, but new features have been added. Certain areas of the overworld have views that cover larger areas of the map or full shots of a ferris wheel that you ride in. In some areas, you can move about a circular axis instead of the just normal four directions. This causes some areas of the game to be much more visually attractive.

The flat-image (2D) interface was also enhanced. Sprites in battle are animated between turns. The main character has more detail and more sprites. The introduction is totally different from the previous games; it shows part of the plot in a scene (2D layered video). The map is not all blocks, it has lines connecting its towns which can be traced by either the stylus or the D-Pad.

Black and White take place in the Unova Region, based off of New York City. There are 156 new Pokémon to capture. Wifi allows connection to the Pokémon Global Link and the Dream World.