Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Hidden Machines (HMs)
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MoveDescriptionHidden MachineLocation
CutAllows you to cut down a treeHM 01Ilex Forest
FlyAllows you to fly back to a previously visited townHM 02Cianwood Island
SurfAllows you to ride on waterHM 03Kimono Studio (Ecruteak)
StrengthAllows you to moves large boulders out of the wayHM 04Route 42
WhirlpoolAllows you to move across whirlpoolsHM 05Rocket Hideout (Mahogony)
Rock SmashAllows you to break cracked bouldersHM 06Route 36
WaterfallAllows you to climb waterfallsHM 07Route 44
Rock ClimbAllows you to scale rock wallsHM 08Professor Oak (Palette Town)
After 16 badges received